The Viscount House is a friendly family run pub in Whitehall.
This long established pub has been in the O’Connell family since 1989 and  celebrated it’s 25th birthday in 2005 and their 30th in 2019.

Project Description

The purpose of this website is to inform.

Potential customers are told what services are on offer, and what each service is comprised of.

The Viscount offers food as well as alcohol and soft drinks. It also has a great wine menu.

The website lists the food menu so that people know there is food and can decide what they want before they arrive.

The menus are easily read on a mobile phone. This is very important.

It incorporates a

  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • Contact form
  • Blog
  • Menu
  • SEO
  • Security
  • SSL cert
  • Back-ups
  • WordPress Training
  • Maintenance package

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