JD Insurances Limited is a completely independent Irish owned Insurance Broker.
They provide quality insurance at reasonable costs combined with unparalled service and advice on all your insurance requirements which remains their priority at all times.

Project Description

The purpose of this website is to inform.

Potential customers are told what services are on offer, and what each service is comprised of.

Once a customer knows what they want, they can easily get in contact with the JD Insurance using the contact form or by ringing the number that’s displayed on the site.

JD Insurance deal with a vast array of businesses. The website makes sure that potential customers know that they’re covered and also what they’re covered for. It’s very informative and easy to access.

It incorporates a

  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • Contact form
  • SEO
  • Security
  • SSL cert
  • Back-ups
  • WordPress Training
  • Maintenance package

JD Insurance

The website is: https://jdinsurance.ie/

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