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Is your site mobile friendly? Test it out:

If your website is fully optimized for mobile, you’ll get a success message like this one:

mobile friendly smiling spiders

If it isn’t, you need to pick up the phone and talk to Smiling Spiders.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly then not only is it difficult for users to read but also Google won’t rank it in it’s search results on the mobile phone. Basically your website won’t come up in the search results when people google a service your company provides on their mobile phones.

In the past if your website wasn’t mobile friendly, it looked good on a laptop or desktop computer but it would have OKish on a large ipad. However, it would have been very difficult to read on a mobile phone.

In April Google changed their google search criteria on how they rank sites in relation to mobile devices. This means it looks at websites in terms of how well they display on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, then it won’t rank well. If your website isn’t mobile friendly then it will become invisible on the google search results.

What can you do? Talk to Smiling Spiders. All websites created by us are mobile friendly.

We can discuss your site and see if it needs updating and whether a re-design is in order.





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